Tuesday, May 12, 2009

really getting into these local bands in youngstown, ohio

Thanks to the good writings of the JamBrain blog, tonight I came across a story on the local act Exit/Exit.

Turns out Exit/Exit was featured on NPR last year.

I'm finally getting excited on the sounds coming from Youngstown, as a few bands are starting to match my wider tastes in contemporary music - heavy on "excessive vamping", light on the vocals, and a bit of synth/electronica or organ/base work.

At an attempt towards an agglomeration of stylings, here are some links to a cluster I am following (click on the "+" to listen):

+ Braille
+ La Vérité
+ November Loop
+ Sam Goodwill
+ Steven and the Damned
+ Exit/Exit
+ the Depths
+ The Realtime Digimob
+ The Sweet Delights
+ Posture Coach
+ Starfish on the Battlefield

try stepping through and listen to all these bands.

any similarities stand out?

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Tyler said...

Love that video. Ha!