Tuesday, May 19, 2009

dobos torte and the 1st liquor license in youngstown

Kudos to the Metro Monthly, as within the week they have uploaded 9 new videos in their Homeplate series.

here's some samples of how it's done in Youngstown...

first off, the story behind the ribs at the Oaks (since 1919):

next, how to make chicken paprikash on the West Side with the Youngstown American Hungarian Club on Donald Avenue. (map here)

then, the story of the kiffel at Kravitz' Deli:

this next video is like a "How It's Made" episode on the Science Channel, with this video showing how Ghossain's famous fresh spinach pies come together every day:

finally, a trip to St. Casimir's in Brier Hill for Smacznego:

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Anonymous said...

Being of Hungarian descent and a Valley resident, why oh why haven't I been here already! It's like eating at my Baba and Grandpa's house growing up. I used to help make the hurka, sauerkraut, lard, stuffed cabbage, everything. And my family's namesake torte! Have to stop in or join next time I'm home