Thursday, May 28, 2009

introducing "Greater Youngstown 2.0"

what is the Greater Youngstown 2.0 Project?

It's an effort use the internet to connect worldwide any person who has lived, still lives, or wants to live in the Mahoning Valley - to job opportunities and to each other.

It's a source for news updates for people who have an interest in greater Youngstown - stretching from Pittsburgh to Cleveland.

It's a tool that allows one to find jobs, and allows employers to post jobs - for free.

- - -

Instead of creating another social media tool for this effort, we're using LinkedIn - the most popular internet tool for people to share information about their skills and job experiences.

LinkedIn (wikipedia article here) is not the same as Facebook and MySpace, which are used more often to connect friends, share pictures, listen to music, etc.

LinkedIn is more business-oriented, sorta like an online resume. You choose what information goes into your profile. If you want, others can provide written recommendations for you, you can join other professional groups, and you can search for job opportunities.

Even if you currently have a job, it's a good idea to have a LinkedIn profile. (my opinion) Having a profile can connect you to civic organizations, networking opportunities, and who knows, maybe in 5 years when you are looking to transition to another position your established profile may help.

- - -

How to join GY2.0?

Click here.

It's free, it's quick to join, and you can quit whenever you want.

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and click here for the accompanying blog for Greater Youngstown 2.0

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