Friday, May 22, 2009

what will the future hold for youngstown?

the trailer for the upcoming Steel Valley documentary was just released on YouTube.

while the videography is assuredly beautiful, the conflicting voices within the video represent still the unknown future - a work definitely in progress.

but one thing's for sure, the our collective future is based upon the actions of thousands of individuals.

should we each operate in a bubble? should we all be connected?

what's your place in the years to come?

- - -

in the spirit of connecting talents to opportunities, GY2.0 is getting off the ground.

click here for an entry point.

and share what you think your future holds.

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downforce said...

A work in progress is right. interesting trailer. I was downtown friday and couldnt agree more the city grows into a new future day by day. Check my blog for a snip of what I saw fri.