Friday, December 26, 2008

florence at the height of the renaissance

came across this very fascinating discussion on the radio today.

It featured talk show host Louie Free (broadcasting downtown from his street-level studio) and the very successful artist Jim Pernotto (whose sprawling art studio is located downtown atop Silver's Vogue)

Deeper into the interview discussing "art and survival", Louie asks Jim what it's like to be working as an artist in a location which lacks the size and amenities of somewhere like New York City, a location where the problems of crime and a shrinking population are pertinent to many - a very real discussion of acknowledging problems along with progress.

and Jim's response struck me:

He said during the Renaissance, held as one of man's finest periods of creation and history, the population of Florence never exceeded 80,000 - the approximate size of the city of Youngstown today.

Jim continues but "it's not your size, it's the direction you are going" which really matters.

It's the ability to create, where "scent that comes from living in youngstown attaches itself to everything" one does.

One can see the influence of location in this video featuring the retrospective of 25 years of Jim's work - work now displayed and exported around the country.

notes: pictures borrowed from Jim's website,

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