Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the state of the state - part II

Kudos must be given in this case to the Youngstown CIC for making the decision to retain the facade of the State Theater even though the rest of the structure is being demolished this month.

one kept, two more biggies to retain (Paramount Theater and the Kress Building)

and a nice story on he State in December's Metro Monthly:
"This is why I am never ashamed to say I was born and raised and continue to fight the good fight in Youngstown, because the area is comprised of wonderful, dedicated people who have great concern for our city and its future – even if it is one facade at a time."

some of this blog's readers asked this week about the current gap between the State's kept facade and the Wells Building at the corner.

Well, here are some recent de-construction photos:

love that red shag wallpaper.

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