Monday, December 08, 2008

nz sunday star to U of Akron: drop dead

I was reading New Zealand's Sunday Star newspaper the other day,

and came across the following article by Linda Colley discussing President-elect Obama's educational background and work experience:

according to Ms. Colley:
"It might be argued that this illustrates American meritocracy, except it is not quite as simple as that."

"Had Barack Obama been obliged to take his degree at the University of Akron, say, it is doubtful that his progress would have remotely been as stellar."

Well, don't look now, but the University of Akron is setting its sights to be the top university in Northeast Ohio, recently announcing it will be striving for $200 million in annual research activities.

More from Dr. Proenza and the six-point plan here.

(keep in mind it's a plan and not reality yet, but a guiding strategy nonetheless. Just look where they were in 1990.)

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So as YSU begins the task of choosing a new president and looking for new leadership to redefine its position in the nation's economy, the Proenza model and the University of Akron would be neighbors to emulate.

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bobby danger said...

thats lunacy for Akron to think that.

its one thing to strive...and overstrive...for your goals, but cmon. are they just going to ignore Case from their calculations?

ideals not based in the reality they desire to descend to, are the stuffs of ineffectual, nose-picking retards.