Wednesday, December 31, 2008

you had me at "buttons"

she was a sight to behold.

her hair, flowing in the seasonably warm winter air.
her eyes, reflecting hundreds of illuminated windows.
her hand, reaching for my ten dollars.

and then, after a welcoming smile, I held tightly onto my First Night Youngstown button all night long.

- - -

???? ha.

now you too can share in the experience.

First Night Youngstown 2008.

excellent write-up of tonight's festivities by Stagie here.
official website with maps and schedule here.
review of last year's festivities here.

some new choice venues this year:
- The Burt Building, origin of the good humor bar and future home of the new downtown history museum will be open for tours.
- The Davis Building, the second oldest structure downtown and recently renovated structure will be hosting "rock and/or roll" bands.
- The soon-to-be-renamed Chevy Center, with indoor ice skating open to the public.

again, this post here is an excellent recap of what is going down.

if you have never been to a First Night Youngstown, they are actually pretty fun - lots of diversity in the types of talent, and a large number of performers will keep you jumping from place to place.

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