Saturday, December 20, 2008

that's correct, $0 of $83,336,401.00

The news is in!

Zero dollars in funding for The Yo in the recent $83.3 million funding round for the Ohio Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

Glad to know the State of Ohio is behind our efforts to stabilize neighborhoods within the city, and to grow sustainably as a region. (see the list here)

So while that brief bit of venting was fun, I seriously wonder who/what group in state government (or in ODoD) made the decisions on what jurisdictions to fund, and what not to fund.

Just curious.

Any suggestions out there?


Benjamin said...

that's just awful. it would seem the state doesn't see the youngstown area as having future economic viability worth supporting.

has anyone from local government spoke out about this, or is it just very recent news?

Tyler said...

Do we seriously have no leaders with influence at the state level?!

captain cool said...

One word: politics. Maybe Youngstown could borrow some of Cleveland's politicans.

Christopher Barzak said...

It's disgusting decision-making on display. I take it as a message from the state that we're on our own here even more than ever; they have little interest in development here, unless it's done without their aid--then they'll come in, of course.