Thursday, December 11, 2008

global watties-burgh

Going to get camping supplies in New Zealand, and it's downright impossible to avoid the Keystone (Heinz adaptation) in any grocery store.

The brand of Wattie's Canneries Limited was a staple in New Zealand since its establishment in 1934, and was subsequently purchased by the Heinz of Pittsburgh in 1992.

Baby food, canned vegetables, frozen dinners, sauces, spaghetti, pet food, preserved fruit - you name it - Wattie's is branded on it.

And their soups were perfect for camping - open and eat.

Some flavors had thai influence (massaman curry), indian influence (vindaloo curry), chinese influence (hot and sour)...

why can't we get those flavors here in the U.S.?

well, at least we will always have our wedding soup.

I guess some ideas just don't cross the ocean.

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