Tuesday, December 30, 2008

northeast ohio football coach diaspora

from an article in the Wall Street Journal:
"Ohio is a state in a deep recession, laid low by the decline of manufacturing. And yet, the Buckeye state is to college football coaching what Silicon Valley is to technology: It's where the brightest minds come from.

Less than 4% of the country's population lives in Ohio, but 15% of college football's major-conference head coaches were born there -- the most for any state. And this volume is more than matched by quality: 14 of the last 18 teams that have made it to the national title game have had head coaches with Ohio connections."

"Although all of Ohio is a hotbed for football, the industrial Northeast is where the majority of coaches come from.

Mr. Meyer is from Ashtabula, near the Pennsylvania border. Mr. Stoops and his brothers Mike, Mark and Ron -- all of whom are in coaching -- are from Youngstown, an hour south of Cleveland (Nebraska's Mr. Pelini, also from Youngstown, was a Stoops family friend growing up). LSU's Mr. Miles and Ohio State's Mr. Tressel, last year's title-game coaches, hail from Elyria and Berea, respectively, two towns along Lake Erie."
hey, don't forget the famous players as well . . .

Here's Youngstown Ursuline alum Ed O'Neil speaking with Dave about his playing days at Youngstown University:

The former social studies teacher (also at Youngstown Ursuline) looks like he's getting some money back next year:

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