Sunday, December 21, 2008

rust belt brewery: 1st beer poured

Tonight, the first beer of downtown's craft brewery was available.

After several months of construction and preparation, all systems go for the best part: consumption.

Read the background story on Ken and Rust Belt Brewery here.

Here are some photos from October showing their space inside the B&O banquet center:

all right next to the red mr. peanut bridge:

Traveling the Cleveburgh Corridor, we've met rusty comrades across the Tech Belt with an interest in both craft beers and visiting each other's cities. (the guys from SIDT are a great example)

Perhaps a spring/summer series of events in 2009 at breweries throughout our region can combine aspects of social and technology networking, urban history, brewery tours, and general debauchery.

I can vouch Erie has a great setup in their old train station, and I'm sure other places can be great hosts as well.

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George Nemeth said...

One day, when we're a booming tech belt, people will be drinking rustbelts and looking back in wonder at the beginnings of their epoch ours.